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Mideast Musings Part Deux

Hello again friends and faithful readers. If I may, I’d like to briefly re-visit the Middle East issue today and focus primarily on the dilemma of Iran. In light of a fresh round of UN sanctions on that country, I thought I might shed a small quantity of truth on the situation. If you have been paying attention to the news, you should be aware that Wednesday morning, with the US leading the charge, the fifteen member United Nations Security Council voted 12 – 2 to impose tougher penalties for Iran’s supposed nuclear “weapons” program. Turkey and Brazil cast the dissenting ballots and Lebanon abstained. This action occured on the same day as reports again surfaced that Osama Bin Laden is living comfortably as an honored guest in Tehran. The Bin Laden/Iran rumor is nothing new. It appeared in a Fox News story over a month ago. What is new is that the gossip is now originating from Israel. Coming a mere week after Israeli commandos killed 10 civilians in a failed raid on activist ships bound for Gaza. And only days after Iran offered naval escort to any vessels attempting to break the Israeli blockade.

This is a disturbing developement, as it appears that the Obama administration has bought into the neoconservative theology of the “Axis of Evil”. And it suggests the very real possibility of future military action. Certainly a decided break from President Obama’s previous philosophy of “extending a hand of peace to the Islamic world”. Israeli involvement in this situation only deepens my concern. There is a widely held belief among many in the American political and military arena, partly supported by the verbose statements of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that Iran seeks to destroy the state of Israel. In my last piece I quoted ex CIA operative Robert Baer on the subject. Baer spent decades inside Tehran and Beirut. And is considered a leading authority on Iran and Hezbollah. I will reiterate his statement, in bold, so as to leave no questions or doubt about his opinion.

“Baer reinforces other writer’s determinations that Iran is….

not about to go to war with Israel over the Palestinians, especially at the risk of a nuclear confrontation, they’re not particularly concerned about the fate of the Palestinians or the existence of Israel. Iran will accept whatever settlement the Palestinians accept.”

If relations between Israel and Iran are a pressing issue, equally so is the circumstances surrounding the purported attempt by the Iranians to acquire nuclear weapons. The United States has sought after a regime change in Iran since the overthrow of the Shah and the birth of the theocratic Islamic Republic. Over the decades, a vast array of reasoning has been used to this end. From the threat against our ally Israel, to harboring and supporting terrorism. Currently, the most advantageous weapon the US possesses, is the spectre of Iran as an aggressive, rogue nuclear state. I assure you that this peril has been exaggerated. In 2007, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) released a report illustrating the peaceful nature of Iran’s pursuit of atomic technology, for energy purposes. Shortly thereafter, the Bush administration, armed with various intelligence reports, pressured the IAEA into reversing its conclusions. Suddenly Iran had become a rogue nuclear state. Hell bent on the destruction of Israel and western civilization. There was only one small complication here. The intel was faulty and most likely fraudulent.

Once again in July, 2009 the IAEA confirmed that Tehran’s nuclear program was not seeking to develope weapons capability.

Since that time, as tensions have ratcheted up in the region, so has the rhetoric. Accusations have come fast and furious from the US, its allies on the UN security council and from the mainstream media, that Iran is secretly building nuclear warheads. But in actuality, the IAEA’s report has not changed that much in the last year. The entire report can be summed up in this paragraph.

“While the Agency continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran, Iran has not provided the necessary cooperation to permit the Agency to confirm that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities. More specifically, Iran is not implementing the requirements contained in the relevant resolutions of the Board of Governors and the Security Council, including implementation of the Additional Protocol”

What this basically says is that Iran continues to be in compliance of the “Safeguards Agreement” (which is the standard Iran has to live by), but that the agency cannot verify that all material is for peaceful purposes. And this is true, because the IAEA does not verify this for any country unless the Additional Protocol is in place. This applies to Iran equally as it does to many other countries. The report states the IAEA and the UNSC have made certain demands on Iran, which Iran has refused to implement. That’s because Iran says the demands are plainly illegal and outside of the powers of these two organizations to impose on Iran. The Additional Protocol, for example, is a treaty that no country can be “required” by the UNSC to sign. In fact many countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, S Korea and Egypt (the last two having been caught violating their safeguards by conducting undeclared nuclear experiments), have flatly refused to sign the Additional Protocol. In contrast, Iran had voluntarily implemented it for over two years with no evidence of nuclear weapons found, and has offered to permanently abide by it if its own nuclear rights are recognized, which the US refuses.*

Clearly what we are witnessing here is a pattern of selective bullying by the US and it’s allies. Singling out Iran for excess measures, simply because they have been branded a member of the axis of evil. And no wonder their actions seem belligerent. But as alway, the American people only receive half-truths from their leaders and the media. Where I wonder, is the outrage about Israel’s complete refusal to become a signatory to the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty)? The hypocrisy displayed here is simply staggering. America has to quit seeing this issue in black and white terms. With Israel as the victim and Iran and the Palestinians (Hell the whole Arab world for that matter) as the aggressor. It’s not nearly that simple. There is a whole shitload of grey area on this issue. And the US policy makers need to understand this and act accordingly. They also need to realize that bluster and browbeating are no longer the answer. These were the tactics of despots such as Stalin and Hitler. What is required now is level-headed diplomacy. Based on fairness and equity for all parties involved. This would be wonderful opportunity for Barak Obama to engineer peace in this hostile region and leave a lasting legacy. It is an opportunity he can ill afford to pass up, unfortunately he may not get another.


A quick footnote here on Palestine. On Wednesday, President Obama met with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, on the Gaza issue, promising $400 million in US aid for the beleaguered Palestinian people. While this is a promising first step, it must be noted that Abbas and th PLA have very little control of the situation outside of the West Bank enclave. And the last time the US gave aid to the PLA ($86 million, by the Bush administration in 2007) a good share of it reportedly ended up in the hands of Hamas. The president is in somewhat of a predicament here. The obvious fact is that he cannot even consider dialogue with Hamas at this point, as they are labeled a “terrorist” organization by the US. And While not yet openly condemning the commando raid or the blockade, the Whitehouse has at least stated that Israel should “ease up” on Gaza. Keep a close eye on this situation, especially with the Iranian promises of naval assistance on future flotillas.

*From CASM document 5/31/2010

Mideast Musings

Here is a quick and simple quiz for you, my faithful readers. Just to see if you really have been paying attention to world events in the past decade. Or merely accepting the rhetoric of the neoconservative shills. After 9/11, pro American candlelight vigils were held in what major middle east city? A) Tel Aviv, Israel  B) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia C) Cairo, Egypt or D) Tehran, Iran. Ok, so what was your guess? Did you surmise that it was one of our faithful allies, like possibly Israel or perhaps Saudi Arabia? That would be the obvious assumption, right? Wrong! If you guessed Tehran, you are correct, congratulations. The rest of you, put on a dunce caps and go sit in the corner. That’s right, believe it or not, it was Iran. In Tehran, hundreds of thousands of Iranian citizens took to the streets, in a public display of sympathy for the victims of the September 11 terror attack. In Tehran’s soccer stadium, 60-80,000 gathered for a moment of silence. Even several of the ruling Ayatollahs, who consider us the “great Satan”, condemned the barbaric act.                                

So the pressing question here is, what exactly occurred in the last decade that has so altered the Iranian posture? I’ll tell you what happened, American foreign policy happened. Yet another example, in a long line, of self-inflicted political wounds. We witnessed a similar pattern during the Southeast Asian conflict. The Vietcong and NVA were heavily armed and funded by China and the Soviet Union. The Vietnamese played the Communist card with great success. They portrayed their struggle as a common cause. Telling the Red Chinese and Soviets “We are brothers in Communism, give us weapons and money”. But what the Pentagon and US politicians never understood (or chose to ignore) was that the Vietnamese hated the Chinese, considering them overbearing bullies. The Vietnamese desired nothing more that peace and freedom, only their idea of freedom was slightly different from our vision. They sought freedom from outside intervention and colonialism. Our actions served only to alienate the people of Vietnam and push the country into the sphere of the Marxist superpowers. Decades later we are committing the same grievous errors with the Muslim world. Our unconditional support for Israel and the imperialistic military ventures, particularly in Iraq, have succeeded in generally alienating a large segment of the Muslim world. And driving many of them into the comforting arms of the Islamic extremists. No where is this more evident than in Palestine. Where our policy of abetting Israel’s apartheid like containment strategy, has been an epic failure. It amazes me that so many Americans are so woefully misinformed about the situation in Palestine. First of all, let’s get one fact straight, right up front. I am growing weary of misguided conservatives constantly chiming in with “Well the Palestinians are launching rockets into Israel”. No they are not. Hamas is launching rockets into Israel. There is a distinction there that needs to be made. The average Palestinian has nothing to with the Quassam rockets. Want to know what the average Palestinian is doing? He is sitting on the front porch of his half demolished house, wondering how he is going to feed his family. Wondering if he should crawl through the barbed wire to go find a job on the Jewish side. Wondering why his brother was shot at an Israeli checkpoint, because he was reaching for a pack of cigarettes. Wondering if his 6 yr old son will be shot by an IDF soldier for throwing rocks at a tank, like his neighbor’s kid was last week. Praying that his oldest daughter won’t decide to strap dynamite to her ass and blow up a goddamn KFC in Tel Aviv. But most of all, wishing Hamas would quit launching fucking rockets, so the IDF doesn’t come with a bulldozer and demolish the rest of his house! There is this idea, generated by Fox News footage from funerals of suicide bombers, that every Palestinian supports terrorism or is a terrorist. This is simply fucking crap! Excuse my language but I’m tired of soft pedaling reality. The US and Israel had the opportunity to work with secular Fatah and chose never to pursue it seriously. Why? Because Arafat was known to be either sympathetic to the Marxist cause, or to be an outright Communist. The red boogeyman reared its head, yet again, in American foreign policy. Not that Arafat was a saint mind you. He had his faults, too many to list. But sometimes it’s better the devil you know. Unlike the Islamists, he was not intractable. In fact in 1993, he officially recognized the State of Israel and accepted UN resolution 242, which advocated a land for peace deal. Unfortunately for all involved, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a Jewish right-wing gunman. And his successor, Benjamin Netanyahu reneged on the Oslo accord. So now Israel get’s to deal with Hamas. Men who cannot be begged, bought or negotiated with. Hamas arrived on the scene and won the hearts of the Palestinian people by building schools and hospitals, creating jobs, welfare programs and youth sports teams. They became the ambassadors of goodwill to the people in Gaza and the West Bank. But this was a facade and the Palestinians are beginning to see through it. Even if the rest of the world isn’t. In spite of what many think, Hamas is not going to bow to IDF military pressure and just go away. So Israel and the US have 3 options. 1) Status quo. This solves nothing for either side. The death toll will continue to climb and world opinion of the Jewish state will be irreparably damaged. This is unacceptable. 2) Clear Gaza of Hamas in a “Stalingrad” style offensive. House to house street fighting. This would be long and bloody, causing massive civilian casualties and the US would not stomach this for long. Not to mention a world that is currently very hostile to Israel. 3) Give the Palestinians a reason to part with Hamas. The simplest solution is to drive a wedge between the people and Hamas. If you think Palestinians enjoy their current lot in life, poverty, hunger and constant war, you are sadly mistaken. They desire nothing more than what any other civilized human being desires. A home (one that Israeli bulldozers are not flattening every other day), to work and raise their families and most of all, peace. If the Israelis would cease building settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, recognize the right of return for refugees, begin the process of  Palestinian statehood AND show the Palestinians some dignity, Hamas would be out of a job. That is the undisputable truth and I’d lay money in Vegas on that. The rhetoric that claims “if Israel lays down their arms, they will be destroyed”, is pure fabrication. Don’t belive me? Let’s ask an expert. Ex CIA operative Robert Baer weighed in with this opinion on the conflict.

“The problem of Israel/Palestine is not fully central to Baer’s presentation, but it does play a significant role. Baer reinforces other writer’s determinations that Iran is not about to go to war with Israel over the Palestinians, especially at the risk of a nuclear confrontation. they’re not particularly concerned about the fate of the Palestinians or the existence of Israel. Iran will accept whatever settlement the Palestinians accept.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah told me that Hezbollah would be “no more Palestinian than the Palestinians. In other words, to put it differently , if the Palestinians agreed to settle with Israel, so would Hezbollah.”–+Dealing+with+the+New+Iranian+Superpower.+Robert…-a0201113067

Baer has repeated this theme that, in spite of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s rantings, the Iranians are willing to acquiesce on the Palestinian conflict. This paint’s a somewhat different picture from the Bush administration’s “Axis of Evil” hyperbole. Why is that our government insists on demonizing every nation that disagrees with the US agenda? What we need now is more reality and less rhetoric. At some point in the future, our nations leaders may come to the realization that our misfortunes are most often a direct result of bad foreign policy decisions. And not because other counties are led by bad people. Until that time we will have no progress towards lasting peace.


The Party of Hypocrisy

Conservatives are talking out of their asses yet again and I can no longer hold my tongue (as if I’ve ever been able to hold my tongue). The sheer magnitude of hypocrisy displayed by ordinary Republicans is simply mind boggling. The most recent demonstration is the ill-conceived notion that, in some way, President Obama is responsible for the catastrophic oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. The argument behind this hypothesis is vague, but seems to gravitate around the assumption that the Obama administration’s response has been “sluggish” and insufficient. Politics is 80% perception my friends. And this is a considerable problem for the President right now. Especially with a growing number of Americans listening to the manure being shoveled at them by the right-wing pundits. The truth of the matter is that the administration has done everything prudent and possible in this situation. Short of Obama himself, throwing on a wetsuit and jumping into the sea with a pair of pliers, what else can we really expect him to do? The EPA and MMS have been involved since day one of this disaster. And here is another fact for your consideration. In 2003, George Bush failed to impose additional, mandatory safeguards on offshore drilling. Believing that the industry would be “motivated to do it themselves”. Apparently BP failed to get that memo….

The irony here is clear, it was perfectly acceptable for the Republicans and the Bush Administration to pander to the oil industry on regulations ( big surprise there huh?). But when the oil starts washing up on the shores of Louisiana, Obama becomes the villain. Here is another bit of irony, I’m not placing guilt solely on the shoulders of Bush. It’s BP’s well, it was BP’s negligence, therefore BP is liable. Of course BP has a contradictory opinion, but that is my final analysis of the situation. I’m merely illustrating that the same conservatives, who decried the left’s constant “pointing the finger” at George Bush, are quick to find the current chief executive a handy scapegoat for all of the nations ills.

This attitude of hypocrisy did not begin here however, far from it. Let’s take the subject of government intrusion for instance. How often, in the last year, have you heard that healthcare reform is a Socialist plot to take over every aspect of your life? Even the management of your own body. A war on the very civil liberties we hold dear. But where I ask, was the outcry when our constitution was being used as toilet paper by the enactment of the Patriot Act? Before some wise ass chimes in to point out the bipartisan support of this legislation, let me assure you I couldn’t care less. I have neither forgotten, nor forgiven, House and Senate Democrats, for the alacrity with which they accepted this assault on our personal freedom. Even caught up in the fervor of post 9/11 rhetoric, this was positively inexcusable. Nevertheless, I know for certain that “we the people” did not vote for it. In fact we the people, in 8 states and 414 municipalities strongly opposed the act.

Even more serious was George Bush’s assertion of executive power to set aside “habeas corpus”. And to dispense with warrants for arrest and with procedures that guarantee court appearance and trial without undue delay. This was a dangerous abrogation of the precepts that protect American citizens from a police state. Currently we are witnessing another example of conservative sponsored intrusion and violation of civil liberty. This in the form of Arizona’s controversial  immigration legislation, SB1070. Signed into law by Rep. Governor Jan Brewer, SB1070 will encourage illegal search and seizure, racial profiling and even require the carrying of official papers. Governor Brewer went so far as to request spy drones from the Pentagon. Tuscon and Phoenix are beginning to resemble Munich and Berlin in the late 1930’s. Minus the palm trees of course. How long before Hispanics are required to wear armbands? From immigration to gay marriage bans and the Controlled Substance Act, the GOP certainly has proven itself to be the party of more freedom and less government intrusion.

One of my favorite allegations has to do with government spending. Any Republican worth his salt will be quick to inform you that President Obama is spending too much money. I never fail to have a hearty laugh over this one. Republicans tend to have selective memory. Or most of them were chronic marijuana users in their youth and no longer have any memory. Economic history apparently began in January 2009. Quietly overlooked is the little matter that Ronald Reagan, champion of fiscal conservatism, was the first president in history to triple the national debt during peacetime. And then George Bush Sr doubled it yet again. Reagan was certainly a fiscal conservative when it came to cutting social programs, such as housing and education. But Defense spending was a different story altogether. By the time Bush Sr left office the national debt had risen from $900 billion in Carters last days, to $5 trillion. But this was childs play compared to the staggering $6 trillion George W would pile on during his two terms. And it might be worth mentioning here, that was after Bill Clinton left a $230 billion surplus. In typical fashion, the right-wing crucified the President for the auto industry bailout but glossed over W’s $700 billion bailout of banks in his final months in office.  In any economic debate, taxes usually go hand in hand with the discussion of debt. And here again the propaganda machine is in high gear. We are constantly warned how Obama’s Socialist agenda will tax us into bankruptcy. But never is mention made of Republican tax hikes. One that immediately comes to mind was Reagan’s Tax Equity And Fiscal Responsibility Act Of 1982 or TEFRA, which just happened to be the LARGEST TAX HIKE IN AMERICAN HISTORY.

Let’s go back for just a moment to healthcare. Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin led the GOP/Tea Party charge against HC reform. What Mitt conveniently neglected to tell the American public, was that as Governor of Massachusetts, he signed a healthcare bill into law that was almost a duplicate of the dreaded “Obama care”. Of course he assured us that while it was the same, it was completely different. Yet Palin might even be the bigger hypocrite. Whilst vilifying reform in general, and the Canadian healthcare system that she claimed Obama care would evolve into, Palin managed to leave out the part where her family would sneak across the border to get free medical care in Canada.

That brings us to CAP. Which has created more uproar than any issue aside from healthcare reform.  Why do Conservatives hate the truth? And facts…and history? Why don’t they want to admit that CAP was a developement of the Republicans during the Bush years? And that it had full support of GOP leaders until it was embraced by the Obama administration.

But without a doubt, the ultimate hypocrisy is the far right’s accusation that liberals are the hypocrites. The sad reality is that when Republicans are accused of an act of an abominable nature, they are generally guilty. For the record I never blamed George Bush for the Katrina calamity. George Bush didn’t create the hurricane. And he didn’t force the inhabitants of New Orleans to build their city twenty feet below sea level. In the end, the circular argument over culpability accomplishes nothing. It only serves to further divide a nation that is already been fractured by decades of bickering. But as long as the leading voices of the far right, characters like Beck, Savage and Limbaugh, base their agenda more upon petty prejudice and personal enmity, than on the political issues themselves, reconciliation is not in our foreseeable future.


Update On The Gaza Situation…

Just a quick update on the situation in Israel, following the commando raid on several ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza early Monday. The death toll is apparently 9 and not 20 as I reported earlier. The original figure I had given came from a story out of Reuters. In other related news, it appears that at least one American may have been among the casualties of the botched raid. Details are sketchy but a father from Massachuset, received word from Senator John Kerry’s office that his 28-year-old son was “seriously wounded”. The man however, reports that he saw his son on a YouTube clip and he appeared to be uninjured.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu fired back today. Justifying the raid and reiterating that his country will not lift the blockade. After reading this article, frankly I was shocked. The disconnect right now in Jerusalem is positively staggering. Israel seems to have no idea why the rest of the free word would possibly be so indignant over this event. In my opinion, Israel’s arrogant stance will not be swayed by anything less than decisive action by a resolute and unwavering President Obama.

And finally, this might only be round one. Several stories claim that another ship, this one from Ireland, is headed for the blockaded Gaza. Sources say it is due to arrive Friday or Saturday. It will be very interesting to see the reaction from the IDF on this one. The world is watching. Thats all for now


A Storm In The Holy Land

This past weekend, while Americans were quietly celebrating Memorial Day and distracted by deteriorating news from the Gulf of Mexico, an event occurred half way around the globe that could have far-reaching implications. In case you happened to miss this story, in between boating and barbecuing, let me apprise you of the situation. Early Monday morning, in international waters off the coast of Israel, commandos from the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) stormed several civilian vessels carrying pro-Palestinian activists bound for Gaza. In the process of boarding one of the ships, commandos opened fire, leaving as many as 20 dead. The flotilla, which had set sail from Cyprus, was reportedly carrying passengers from Turkey and several European nations. The Activists were attempting to deliver humanitarian aid (including medical supplies) to the beleaguered Gaza region, which has been blockaded by Israel.                                                                                                                                      

Circumstances remain cloudy. The Netanyahu cabinet and the military claim that the IDF commandos boarded the ships peacefully. Bringing flowers, gifts and candy for small children. And were then ambushed and brutally assaulted by deranged passengers wielding clubs and knives. While this might be at least plausible, several facts are undisputable. First of all, tidings of rights violations have shadowed the Israelis like a black cloud. The very creation of the state of Israel was a violation of a UN mandate. Surrounded by stories of atrocities and ethnic cleansing. Yes, I said ethnic cleansing. In 1947 The United Nations adopted resolution 181 for the partition of Palestine. The plan called for the division of the Holy Land into two states, one Arab and one Jewish, upon the termination of the British Mandate. Palestinian Arabs were to legally retain almost half of the land, in large swaths, mostly in the central and northern regions and also along the coast of Gaza. The Zionists however, led by David Ben Gurion, had other ideas. The Jewish militias launched preemptive attacks, aimed at grabbing as much land as possible before the UN peacekeeping forces stepped in. And utilizing terror tactics, endeavored to drive as many Arabs as feasible, out of territory they coveted. Mostly the richest agricultural land. In the midst of these operations the militias, Haganah and Irgun, executed innumerable atrocities. None of this is exaggeration or myth. This is simply a matter of history.

In the six decades since Al Nakba (“the disaster” as the Arabs call the war of ’48) the Jewish state has committed a list of sins longer that the list of who begat who in the old testament. The broken treaties and promises are too diverse and numerous to name. Israel has repeatedly reneged, under pressure from right-wing hardliners, on vows to halt settlements in the West Bank. Bulldozers continue to flatten Arab homes and the refugee problem has become the regions greatest humanitarian crisis. While I do not excuse the terrorist activities of Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, to say that the reprisals of the IDF have been heavy-handed, is an enormous understatement. It’s very much like killing a fly with a sledgehammer. And since the second intifada (uprising) began, the Israeli government has been practicing a systematic program of apartheid. Don’t believe me? Well let’s ask Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak what he thinks…

Another unquestionable fact is the relationship between US support for Israel and the war on terrorism. This has been underscored repeatedly by high-ranking member of extremist organizations. One might think that this is oversimplifying the problem. If one believes the rhetoric, that the terrorist hate us for our freedom, then this would be the most reasonable conclusion. That 9/11 would have occurred, even without our relationship with Israel. I don’t buy it for a second. The majority of Arabs genuinely like American people. They distrust our government and it’s polices. And the most reviled policy (outside of the invasion of Iraq) is our unconditional patronage of the Zionist state. This has been declared time and time again, in demonstrations throughout the Muslim world. I discussed this recently in a post aptly titled “They hate us for our freedom”. Please scroll down and read.  This brings us to a final unalterable truth. The time for half measures with Israel should come to an end, in my opinion. Although I have supported the Obama administration, I’ve also expressed my disappointment with the President’s handling of several issues. This happens to be one of them. If gentle persuasion (former President Carter at Camp David) doesn’t work and brow beating fails to do the job (Bill Clinton at Oslo), then maybe it’s time for sanctions. And if necessary, withdrawal of US aid. Please don’t mistake me for an anti-Semite. I have nothing against the Jewish people. I shed many a tear during Schindler’s List. But the tables have turned since WWII. In the Zionist state’s zeal to protect itself, it has become the oppressor. Israel is a nation that is alleged to be a democracy. More is expected of them than is expected of the Hamas leadership. They are supposed to assume the moral high ground. This latest incident was a clear slap in the face of international law. President Obama needs to make a stand and send a clear message, that this behavior will no longer be tolerated by an ally of the United States. The days of our leaders supporting tin pot dictators and despotic regimes, the days of men like Ronald Reagan, are supposed to be behind us. Incidents like Mondays bloody attack tend to always make a handy rallying point for the terrorist cause. In the last decade, more and more, it’s been the American people that end up paying the price for Israel’s transgressions. I say this is no longer an acceptable condition. It’s high time for our government to take decisive action to bring this to an end.


Greetings From The Newest “Writ” Scribe…

Hello, my name’s Joey and I will be co writing this blog from now on. I am a senior in high school and I live in a small conservative town in Colorado. I feel that my age will be an asset to the site because I can give a fresh opinion. While living in this small town I have noticed a rise in mindless conservative dribble. Good, hard-working Americans have been buying into this tea-party rhetoric and have been tuning into Faux News at an alarmingly high rate. I feel that this has the potential to be the downfall of the America that I know. When people listen to their hateful rhetoric and subscribe to it fully, (because it is masked in patriotism), middle-class Americans lose their integrity. After a recent conversation with Jimi, I found myself contemplating why these middle-class Americans buy into this neo-conservatism. They seem to believe that fiscal and social conservatism will benefit them. These uneducated, but not stupid, Americans honestly believe that Reaganomics and low government interference will help them. It’s time for America to wake up and realize that these neo-cons do not care about them at all.


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